About the Artist

Alberto Valese started work with the International Centre of graphics in Venice and participate in two exhibitions with engravings, etchings and xylographs between 1973 and 74. In 1975 he began teaching himself marbling techniques, working at home following the instructions found in the book "Papiers de fantasie", (Paris 1852)

He went to Istanbul, where he bought the text-book "Turk Sanatında Ebru" (Ebru in Turkish art). In 1978 he returns to Turkey where he meets the master of ebru Mustafa Duzgunman.

Between 1979 and 1980 he perfected the marbling technique and he had first experiments with three-dimensional objects.

He produced decorated papers, created objects, cooperated with stage designers, designed two collection of jewellery in marbled wood, silk, and silver, demonstrated Marbling.

Alberto Valese also worked with different paper decoration techniques: marble, wood block printing and paste paper. He is present at the initiative dedicated of the best craft activities of Confrtigianato www.veniceconneted.com

Exhibitions and Special Works

1983 Participation to the exhibition Partecipa " Genius of Venice" at the "Royal Academy" of London.

1988 Personal exhibition of "Fishes and flowers in ebru" at "La Zucca"Restaurant in Venice.

1990 May 6th - 24th : Personal exhibition of the original ebru collection: flowers, fishes, birds and trees, and also stationary, objects and silk fabrics at the "Sadberg Hanim Muzesi " of Istanbul.

1994 Personale exhibition " I cerchi sull'acqua" presso la Legatoria Artistica & Altro a Milano, Via Palermo 5.

1996 Pubblication on "De la Dominoterie à la Marbrure". di M.A. Doizy ed. Art. & Metiers du Livre: a very important book regarding the history and paper techniques.

2003 Exhibition "Le mille e una notte" Villa Zecchini" Caerano San Marco-Tv

2006 Exhibit with Nedim Somnez at the çiçekler Museum of Konya. For HP computer produced series of folders and photo album.

2008 With the best international marbled, at traveling exhibition "Album Amicorum".


- Marbleized binding for the 6° International Forum of art binding in Venice. 

- Elle Decoration n. 91, October.

- Winds, Entertaining Inflight Magazine n. 10, October