About the Artist

I am a lawyer but also a businessman. From 2004 I make marbled papers, being the promotion and publication of this pictorial technique one of the targets of my activity. Since 2006 I teach marbling, to private students or to groups; since 2008 I make demonstrations and assist to Fairs and Congresses, both activities in Spain or abroad. I have written articles and books and support a page in Internet, in Spanish, English and French. I have realized individual and collective exhibitions and some of my works are in public and private collections of the whole world. I have created the marbled papers for the binding of the book Finn's Hotel of James Joyce, edited by the Ithys Press, in Dublin, in 2013; and for the Christopher Buckland Wright book, Sensous Lines, edited by The Fleece Press of Simon Lawrence in Upper Denby in May, 2014, which got the award to the best book edited during 2014 in the United Kingdom. From December 2014 to April 2015 I have organized an exhibition in Madrid about Decorated Papers, in the Municipal Printing – Books’ Arts Museum, with great success.

Books explain everything in my life. I grew between them. At first I was a reader. Then I learned to bind to return them some of the cares that they took for me. I learned to marble for the pure desire that everything what I was putting in every binding was my own made. That everything changed. I finished being wallpapered and stopped binding. But I returned to books, now, I write them. If I can comment some influence perhaps that of Ray Bradbury and his Fahrenheit 451. In a future world, very present at the moment, each people turn into a role, some into Don Quijote or others into King Lear, so that their memory does not disappear. Thus Marbling has enslaved me, and all what I do seem very little to me to spread it.