About the Artist

Since 1981, Montse Buxó has been experimenting with the technique of painting on liquid surfaces known as “Marbling”.

Entirely self-taught, Ms Buxó has shown an open mind and outstanding commitment to the process of learning and developing this ancient technique.

She generally works over a thickened liquid surface (using water mixed with a seaweed known as “carrageenan”) to which she applies color by means of water paints, mainly gouache and acrylics. In her line of work, Ms Buxó has been applying this technique to materials such as: silk, ceramics, wood, leather … and paper in particular, establishing strong connections with the world of Book-binding and Restoration, reproducing and interpreting works from the past with a wide array of chromatic diversity.

Her knowledge of the classics, combined with her research and creativity has enabled Ms Buxó to work freely and offer new approaches in her contemporary pieces.

On several occasions she has been invited to congresses, conferences and workshops around the globe where she demonstrates this technique. Her work has been shown at different exhibitions. Ms Buxó continues learning and researching her craft.